Friday, August 3, 2007

अगर आह्वान करूं चांद का...

देखती हूँ चांद को -
लगता है बहुत भला ,
सोचती हूँ कईं बार -
अगर आह्वान करूं चांद का
क्या आएगा चांद धरती पर?
अगर आ भी गया
तो बदले में कन्या रत्न
ना थमा दे कही।
मगर उस कन्या का
होगा क्या हश्र।
इस धरती की पुत्री को
धरती मे समाना पड़ता है।
वो तो दूसरी
धरती से आयी होगी।
क्या होगा उसका।
यही सोचकर -
ड़र जाती हूँ ।
नहीं करती आह्वान
चंद्रदेव का।
हे चांद ! तुम
जहाँ हो वहीँ
भले हो मुझे........

-पूनम अग्रवाल


Dinesh said...

Moon is always inspiring. It has never lost its cool inspite of having to go thru various phases of its life, from minute to full moon that too every month. More over why are we afraid of KANYA RATNA. I personally feel daughters are much more caring than the sons and they are tender and gentle comparatively. Indeed your poetry is excellent but once again I am sorry to say, your mind set seems to be on negative side. May be you enjoy pain!!! Please, please, please change it now for your own welfare and do write something encouraging, something positive. This generation needs your guidance but only positive which is full of enthusiasm and can bring about positive developments in this world.
Wishing you the best.
regards from Neeru and me

कुश एक खूबसूरत ख्याल said...

सुंदर अभिव्यक्ति..